About Us

Thank you for your interest in Complete Produce. We are experienced brokers who have combined experience of 43 years in produce procurement for wholesalers, retailers, and food service. Previously, all three of us also worked in the shipping side of the industry as salesmen,  shipping supervisors, and in other capacities. The combination of our buying and logistics experience, along with our shipping knowledge, gives us insights on the markets that can greatly benefit our customers.

What do we sell?

We are a reflection of our customer’s needs. We named our company Complete Produce because we can supply virtually any product, or product mix, to any wholesaler, retailer, or food service organization anywhere in in the country.

How much will it cost?

We can supply an original custom quote quickly. In addition if you see a price on an item you like, we can get it for you FOB. Or if you want to know where your favorite shipper is in the range, just ask us.

Our Team

Doug Olson:   Has a lifelong connection to produce.  Raised on the family farm and became an fob salesman after graduating with a degree in Business Management from Fresno State in 1980.  I have been brokering fruits and vegetables since moving to the Salinas area in 1986.   Previous to brokering I was involved in all phases of production from growing to cooling, shipping and sales.  I started in Albert Fisher’s buying office (which later became FreshPoint) as the second broker hired.  Worked in the buying office for the next 14 years eventually being promoted to Vice President of Purchasing for the company.  During that time the buying office grew from a staff of 5 to a staff of over 60 .  Left in 2002 two years after Sysco purchased FreshPoint to start Complete Produce.  During my 16 years in the buying office I developed many long term relationships with some of the best producers in the industry and have used those same connections for the benefit of our customers for the last 13 years.

Steve Smith: Born and raised in the Salinas Valley. Grew up in the industry, my family owns a truck brokerage in Salinas (Traffic Freight Services) and worked there as a coordinator during high school and college. I graduated from the University of Arizona with degree in Philosophy and a minor in Business Management.  Since graduating in 2004, I have worked at Complete Produce as a coordinator, broker, and currently sales manager. Being a Salinas native has given me industry connections with the next generation of Salinas Valley leaders.  I have 14 years of industry experience.

Amanda Terry: Has a lengthy family history in produce ranging from growing to brokering. Has 11 years of experience working in various customer service positions prior to Complete Produce. Graduated from California State University, Fresno in 2010. Has worked as a sales coordinator at Complete Produce for the last four years.

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